Jade News: The Story of Big Mama

Jades are my first true love.  I have already written in detail about that affair.

Currently though, my jade collection seems to be dwindling, and shape-shifting as well.  I don’t have the best growing conditions for my jades to thrive, but they do survive.  So my level of propagation is low, and friends/family now house most of my cuttings.  Prior to moving, I had 3 baby cuttings, 3 medium ones, and 1 large one.  The large one was really just a bunch of medium ones in one pot which I referred to as “Big Mama”.

04-06-2011Big Many Jade and Cuttings

Big mama I bought as a beautiful specimen, but then I started taking cuttings for propagation.  Then some of the remaining trunks rotted, and I was left with maybe a third of the original plant.  One half of the pot was original trunks, and the other half was cuttings from the tips of the branches that had rotted. Soon Big Mama started doing well again.

And then I moved, and she suffered the same fate of my dear christmas cactus – left to bake in the summer sun.  She sunburned, but recovered in a more shady spot.  But we had a fairly wet summer/fall –  we were never in fear of a drought. It rained so much, her soil became water-logged, and the last few remaining original branches started to rot.

Now here she is, nearly decimated, but still hanging on.

11-04-12 Big Mama not living up her to name anymore.

When half of the trunks began rotting, they cinched right above the soil line.  These branches were doing well, they were hanging over the edge of the pot.  I guess she wanted to keep herself going despite the disease, so she cinched off the good parts and dropped them to the ground.  I gathered these branches up and stuck them in another pot of soil.

11-04-12 “Little Mama”

The cuttings all seem to have rooted, and are in fact sending out aerial roots.  Perhaps because they are hanging, or since I have rarely watered this bunch.  Thought it would be a great photo opportunity as a google has poor results for jade air root images.

I think she will recover well.  Maybe I should rename Big Mama to Little Grandmother as she is currently retired.


About demintedmint

Just a gal from the mountains of North Carolina. I love to travel and explore nature. So far, I have been to several areas of the US (mainly East Coast and Southwest), Ireland, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. My passions are anything to do with the environment and art/photography/DIY hobbies. As of December 2010, I have a B.S. in Environmental Technologies. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but get a job travelling and saving the world. The blog I keep (demintedmint.wordpress.com) reflects my passion for the environment by addressing many pressing issues. Also, lots of other random little things that I care about.
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